Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carter's 9th Birthday

Carter had a fun 9th birthday!!!  He was able to have a party with some of his friends.  They played the Wii, had a nerf gun fight, and played wall ball.  Carter is a happy, bright boy, who brings so much joy into our family.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Claire's 13th Birthday

Claire's birthday was Friday, the day after we got home from New York, and then Easter was on Sunday. We had a fun, busy week. I took Claire shopping on birthday, and we watched the "The Help" that night. Claire didn't want to go out to eat on her birthday because she was sick of eating out from our trip. We took her to dinner on Sat. night to the Olive Garden.

New York City

We went to New York City for part of Spring Break. We got to spend 3 days in the city. We had a lot of fun, and did a lot of walking. Carter says the trip was boring. I think he got sick of all the walking, sight seeing, and shopping. I was truly grateful for the opportunity to go, to enrich my life.

This was our first day there and it was a cold morning, so we stopped at McDonald's for some Hot Chocolate.
Carter at the Toys 'R Us standing in front of the "Lego" Empire State Building"

Carter at the Lego store building his 2 Lego mini-figures with some help. Carter was in heaven at the Lego store.

We were able to peek in the Tiffany store for a little bit.
Carter at FAO Schwartz, he found a huge Angry Bird.
Central Park was amazing and beautiful! We loved every minute of it!

Riding on the Subway, another one of Carter's favorites.

Sitting at the Carnegie Deli.
This is the "Oh the Rueben" that Chris and I ordered to share. It was huge! The before.
The after.
Dessert, a yummy piece of cheesecake. It was delicious!

The Brooklyn Bridge. We walked part way across.

Our last night, we were in Soho.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival

We went to the Cherry Blossom Festival last weekend, and it was gorgeous. It was a cooler, cloudy, rainy day, but it was still beautiful. We walked around the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms, and we also saw the Jefferson Monument and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Monument. We had a special guest with us "Flat Stanley" who came along for the ride. Hopefully he had fun and his adventures will be a big success for Ridley. After seeing the cherry blossoms we went into the Holocaust Museum for a little peek, we will have to go back another day.